Global Validation Services LLC Core Services:

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Kidnap Prevention Services:

  • Kidnap Prevention Services are valuable for high profile travelers or travelers expected to be able to pay ransom.
  • GVS has knowledge of criminal operators and civil unrest in foreign countries to support preventive services.
  • GVS has knowledge of kidnapping methods.
  • Outside Continental United States

Private Hostage Retrieval:

  • Worldwide
  • Experienced security operators and extraction teams
  • Skilled hostage negotiators
  • Quick response times
  • Knowledge and ability to work under severe threat conditions in any country
  • Professional logistics and intelligence support
  • Outside Continental United States

Support Services:

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  • Problem Formulation
  • Collections
  • Validation
  • Manipulation
  • Analysis
  • Visualization and Reports
  • IT data Resources
  • Personnel
  • Equipment